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Man Tries To Use iPhone As Gun In Robbery

A man tried to rob a restaurant in New London, Connecticut by trying to pass off his black iPhone as a small gun.

The man, identified as one Jerome Taylor, entered the establishment using the service entrance and tried to intimidate the cooks by showing them a small gun, which later turned out to be an iPhone.

Taylor took an apologetic stance after the staff grabbed kitchen knives, ready to give him battle. Seeing the resistance put up by the staff, the man decided to flee the spot, but not before telling the staff that he needed the money for his child.

The police later caught up with him several hours later after a foot chase. However, the restaurant was not keen on pressing charges after hearing his story but the police decided to charge the man any ways with attempt to robbery.

The would-be robber has claimed that his child is currently with a relative in Uncasville and police will do a background to make sure that the child is OK. It is not known whether the man tried to use one of the many free gun applications available in Apple's App store on his iPhone.