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Meet The £0.01 Nokia 1800, The Cheapest Mobile Phone EVER

Nearly 38 years after the first phone call was made from a mobile phone, basic handsets are on the verge of being given away for free as we witnessed the arrival of the cheapest mobile phone yet, a 1p model from Nokia.

The Nokia 1800 can be purchased from for a mere 1p although, as it is often the case, you will need to buy a £10 top up from Vodafone, which brings the price to a grand total of £10.01, which includes delivery.

The phone is unlocked, which is a rarity and should therefore work on all networks; it weighs 79g, has a 1.8-inch 128x160 pixels colour screen, a FM radio, a few games and best of all, has enough battery life to provide eight hours talk time and nearly a month on standby, making it ideal for the glove box or as a secondary handset.

The Vodafone PAYG Freebees tariff means that topping up £10 in the first 30 days will give you 300 texts and 500MB web access or one hour worth of international calls for free. You will also get 10 per cent back every time you top up.