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Nintendo 3DS Available On Preorder At Gamestop

US based games retailer GameStop has started taking pre-orders for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS hand-held 3D gaming device.

According to Cnet, a store manager for one of GameStop's stores wrote on a forum that the company had started taking pre-orders for the console and users had to pay around $50 to reserve it.

“Ok well I got the OK to tell people about this from my work, but we officially got word in that all US based Game Stop stores will be taking reserves on the 3DS starting on the 26th. Depending on the place holder price you will be required to drop a minimum of $25 on a reserve,” the GameStop employee wrote on NeoGaf forums.

Nintendo will be offering the console in Japan in February for a whopping 25,000 Yens or $300, but the company has not been clear about an international launch date and pricing for the device, which allows users to play 3D games without the need of wearing special glasses.

A number of smaller online UK retailers are already taking preorders for the gaming console for under £200.