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SAP Ordered To Pay $17m Interest To Oracle

Enterprise software maker SAP has been ordered by a US-based federal judge to pay interests to rival Oracle as part of the $1.3 billion copyright infringement lawsuit that went in favor of Oracle.

According to Bloomberg, Oracle had claimed that SAP was entitled to pay an interest of $211 million to it, in the light of the verdict.

However, the judge asked SAP to calculate the amount of interest on the basis of a weekly average yield established by the U.S. Treasury department.

SAP said that after calculating the interest based on the method ordered by the judge, the total interest was coming out to be $16.5 million and not $211 million demanded by Oracle.

A SAP spokesperson said in an emailed statement that “While we believe that Oracle should only be awarded damages, we appreciate that the Court agreed with SAP on the proper calculation of interest in this case which dramatically lowered the amount.”