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Softbank Adds NFC Features To iPhone 4 Using Stickers

Japanese carrier Softbank has brought Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to Apple's iPhone 4 in the country using special stickers.

According to Wireless Ground, the company has launched special adhesive stickers that can be attached at the back of the iPhone 4 to make NFC payments.

The iPhone 4 it self does not come with any support for NFC unlike the Google Nexus S handset but Apple is expected to include the technology in the next iteration of the iPhone.

The company informs that the stickers will not communicate with the device in any way but will provide Japanese iPhone 4 users to make payments at restaurants, grocery stores and other places without carrying their credit card or wallet.

One major drawback of these ingenious NFC stickers is that if the device is lost or stolen, anyone will be able to use it to buy items at the expense of the user.