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£9 Belkin G Wireless ADSL Modem Router

The G Wireless Modem Router is perfect for setting up a simple wireless network that has the range to easily cover a small office or apartment. Its speeds are ideal for handling basic networking applications such as sharing your high-speed Internet connection with all your computers, surfing the web, emailing, and instant messaging-all while relaxing on the couch in your home.Connect your wired and wireless desktop computers and notebooks to your Belkin G Wireless Modem Router to share your broadband Internet access. Now you can quickly and easily share documents, surf the web, chat with friends, and email. The advanced security protects both your wireless and wired computers from hackers and intruders.The G Wireless Modem Router is the central connection point of your wireless network. Position your Belkin Modem Router in between your Broadband ADSL line and your computer to start sharing your broadband Internet access.

The Belkin G Wireless ADSL Modem Router can be purchased from for a mere £8.99.