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Amazon Flogs 160GB Playstation 3 Slim Console For £234.99 With £30 Goodies

Amazon is selling the 160GB Playstation 3 Slim console with three freebies for £234.99, the cheapest price in the UK, one which includes delivery as well.

The deal comes with a 2M dual-shielded high speed HDMI cable, a GioTeck real triggers PS3 controller and one game out of six on offer (including the likes of the SIMS 3 or Medal of Honor); the deal would cost £29.97 if purchased separately.

The PS3 Slim, which was released back in 2009, is roughly a third smaller, lighter and less power hungry than its predecessor, the PS3 "fat".

Apart from the fact that it comes with a pre-installed 160GB hard disk drive and can play Blu-ray disks, the PS3 is also 3D compatible, comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a HDMI out.

Sony has been surprisingly lenient when it comes to upgrading the hard disk on the PS3, unlike Microsoft and its which means that, in theory, you could buy a 1TB hard disk drive for under £70 and shove it in the console.

A previous Ebay deal published earlier this month boosted a much better deal however, albeit without the goodies. Back then, Zavvi Outlet sold a PS3 with a 320GB hard disk drive for only £198.