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Another Rumour Points To USB-Toting Apple iPad 2 Tablet

The next iteration of Apple's iPad, commonly refered to as the iPad 2, might come with a built-in USB port, an industry insider has disclosed.

Eldar Murtazin, the editor of popular Russian mobile website Mobile-review, wrote on his Twitter account that the Apple iPad 2 will come with native USB support.

"Talked with colleague which working with some [original design manufacturer] vendors connected with Apple. He is research guy. According to his sources, iPad 2 will have usb port," he tweeted.

We're not sure whether it is in Apple's interest to have a USB port on the iPad 2 since, unlike a laptop or a desktop, a tablet is very rarely tethered.

In addition, the iPad 2 will include a microSIM slot which eliminates the need for a USB dongle and Apple's Airprint makes it easier to print wirelessly.

In the past few days, several rumours surrounding the yet-to-be unveiled Apple device have surfaced. Digitimes, which is located in Taiwan close to where the Apple products are made, revealed yesterday that Apple's iPad 2 will come with better anti-smudge and reflection resistant display.