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Canadians are the world's heaviest web users

Canadians spend more time online than users in any of the other countries tracked by measurement company comScore, the Canadian Press reports, also noting that Canada had the highest penetration of Internet access measured.

About 68 per cent of Canadians are online, compared to 62 per cent in the United Kingdom and in France, and 60 per of Germans, 59 per cent in the United States, 57 per cent in Japan, and 36 per cent in Italy.

Canada was the only country whose users logged an average of more than 2,500 minutes online a month - nearly 42 hours, while Israelis in second place averaged some 2,300 minutes weekly.

Canadians' per capita use of YouTube also ranks first in the world, with an estimated 21 million of some 33 million Canucks visiting monthly, compared to 147 million of roughly 308 million Americans, so Canadians are far ahead on a per capita basis in YouTube utilization as well as viewing more videos, watching an average of 147 compared with 100 per U.S. viewer.

Canadians were among enthusiastic early adopters of Facebook, but according to, Canada at some 17 million users is now neck and neck with India for 9th and 10th most Facebook accounts, although Canada's penetration rate with just over half of its population on FaceBook is still among the highest.

The average Canadian netizen also visits 16 Wikipedia pages monthly, the highest level of Wikipedia access in the world, slightly greater than more than German, Polish and U.S. users.

Statistics Canada reports that In 2009, 80% of Canadians aged 16 and older, or 21.7 million people, used the Internet for personal reasons, up from 73% in 2007, and 98% of people aged 16 to 24 online, up slightly from 96% two years earlier. Among Canadians aged 45 or older, two-thirds (66%) went online during 2009, up from 56% in 2007. Presumably the percentages would be even higher for 2010. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.