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Facebook hits top Internet spot again

Social notworking giant Facebook has pipped Youtube at the post to become the biggest web site in the world.

Research conducted by marketing outfit Experian Hitwise has concluded that everyone's favourite waste of time has become not only the most searched term on the Internet, but also the most visited.

In fact, various Google searches including the word 'Facebook' accounted for nearly 3.5 per cent of all searches carried out in 2010 which, given the billions of pages out there, is pretty impressive.

Searches for the social site were up by 207 per cent on last year kicking struggling Myspace from second place in 2009 to a worrying fifth in 2010.

'Facebook' and 'Facebook login' were the top search terms with 'Youtube' and 'Craigslist' in third and fourth respectively, the latter making it patently clear that the survey was conducted in the US of A only. also became the most visited website of 2010 overtaking and to sneak into the top spot.

As if it wasn't depressing enough that the Internet is dominated by people trying to collect fake friends like Pokemon cards, the top personality search was for reality show trust fund brat Kim Kardashian, top film search was for Star Wars and top music search was for Lady Gaga.