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Intel Launches Tiny Solid State Drives

Intel has announced the arrival of a new family of solid state drives called the 310 Series which complements the existing range of X25 models.

The 310 SSD Series offers similar capacities and roughly similar performances at only a tenth of the volume; it measures only 51mm x 30mm x 5mm thick and forgoes the plastic casing that normally houses the 2.5-inch X-25 electronics and board.

Two drives will be available in 40GB and 80GB with reads of 170MBps and 200MBps respectively with writes of 35MBps and 80MBps; surprisingly, they consume the same amount of idle and active power as their bigger counterparts.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy the drives from any retailer as they will be available only to OEM for $99 and $179 in 1000-unit quantities, slightly more expensive than the equivalent X-25.

Lenovo has already confirmed that they will use the drive in its Thinkpad family of laptops and Intel seems keen to promote the drive for dual-drive notebook configurations with the 310 series being used as the system drive.

The 310 Series use the minuscule mini-SATA form factor and a new 34nm manufacturing process. One has to ask if the new storage devices are not an evolution of Robson, Intel's Turbo Memory which was unveiled more than five years ago.