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Microsoft Enlists Amazon To Promote Bing With Free Songs

Software giant Microsoft has launched a new holiday promotional campaign for the users of its Bing search engine by giving away 500,000 free song downloads from Amazon.

The scheme, which is valid only for Bing users in America, will allow the first 500,000 users who sign-up for the Bing newsletter to download a free song from Amazon.

Microsoft explained via a post on the Bing Blog that the offer will remain valid till midnight on December 31st.

Users who will qualify for the scheme will have till January 24th to download their free song. The Bing Team said that users won't be able to download a song that is priced over $1.29.

“As the year comes to an end, we want to thank everyone for their support- with a song. No, we're not serenading you (yet) – it's a free song download. But hurry, the giveaway only lasts until midnight New Years' Eve,” the Bing Team said.