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Millions Of UK Customers Pay Too Much For Their Mobile Services

Millions of Brits pay more than they need to for accessing voice, text and data services from their mobiles, a new report by consumer watchdog Which? has revealed.

According to a study conducted by Which?Mobile, more than ten millions UK users end up paying extra for services that they hardly used but are included anyway on their existing monthly rental.

The consumer body explained that the results were not surprising as around six million had no clue what their monthly call limit is while up to five million were not aware about their text and data limits.

Which? said that consumers could save a lot of money if they chose a plan that suited their requirements, but instead they end up paying more than they actually should.

The consumer organisation said that 18 million users had never bothered to change their mobile services providers, with most of them likely to stick to their old tariffs.

Tom McLennan, head of Which?, said in a statement that “If you regularly spend more than your line rental, check your bill to see where you're incurring the extra charges as you may be able to save money by moving to a tariff with more minutes, texts or data.”