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Price Of Archos Arnova Windows Netbook Cut To £90

The Archos Arnova Windows CE based laptop can now be purchased from as little as £90 from Amazon, with the order being fulfilled from Bentham Ltd, which took over from Morgan Computers.

While the device is not fully fledged netbook (capable of running Windows XP or Windows 7), it does have a few other unique features that make it one of the better laptops for sale for less than £100.

It is powered by a Samsung ARM-based processor running at 533MHz, which is roughly the equivalent of the Qualcomm processor found on the HTC Wildfire.

It has a 10.2-inch LCD display (possibly with a 1024x600 pixels resolution), which is larger than the iPad and has almost twice the surface area of the screen of a 7-inch netbook.

Then there's the fact that it is powered by Windows CE 6.0 rather than version 5.0 that is found on most other competing netbooks.

Windows CE 6.0 has a completely redesigned kernel and provides with the underlying foundation of Windows Phone 7 (albeit R3, which was released back in September 2009).

The rest of the specification includes 128MB RAM, 2GB ROM, a speaker, three USB ports, a SD card slot capable of housing 32GB cards, Wi-Fi and a 2100mAh battery.