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Skype update opens up video calling on iPhone

An update to Skype's iOS App has quietly added video chat functionality to the current mix of VoiP calls and instant messaging.

Version 3.0 of Skype's offering now enables video calls to and from any Apple device running iOS 3.0 or higher as well as suitably-equipped Macs and PCs (running Linux or Windows) using either Wi-fi or the 3G network.

Early testers are reporting that the video calls are clear and smooth over Wi-fi and 3G and Apple's own iTunes customer ratings are showing the vast majority of punters awarding the update a full five stars.

Video calling supports both landscape and portrait modes and camera-free gadgets like the iPod Touch and iPad will be able to receive one-way video feeds which we'll take as further evidence of a camera-equipped iPad on the horizon.

Skype for iPhone has been downloaded more than 30 million times and we can't help wondering, after last week's extended outages, if Skype's servers will be able to cope with millions of video calls which take up far more bandwidth than voice calls.

The outfit says it is beefing up its infrastructure accordingly and has solved the issue with some of its supernodes which caused the recent down-time.

The software is available free on the iTunes right now.