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Smarter Satnavs To Be Emotionally Aware Of Drivers' Mood

A scientist at the University of Cambridge is developing a new breed of smart computers that will be capable of determining the user's mood and react accordingly.

According to The Telegraph, Professor Peter Robinson believes that such technology could be used to develop emotionally sensitive satellite navigation systems that would react according to the mood of the driver.

Satnav systems are known to have guided their owners straight into a traffic jam, angering the driver in the process. Future satnav systems will be able to sense the mood of the driver and react according to the emotions.

“We're building emotionally intelligent computers that can read my mind and know how I feel. Computers are really good at understanding what someone is typing or saying. But they need to understand not just what I'm saying, but how I'm saying it,” he told The Telegraph.

The computers will be able to determine mood of the user by the means of sensors capable of analysing the facial expression, hand gesture and tone of the user's voice.

Prof Robinson says that the system could turn off the radio, stop giving instructions to the driver or stop a mobile phone from ringing but they won't make coffee or give a back massage.