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Facebook Is Top Search Term In UK In 2010 Says Google

Facebook emerged as the most popular search term in the UK in 2010 according to Google's own Insights for Search, putting it ahead of Youtube and BBC, with hotmail lying in fourth position.

"Facebook" and "Facebook login" were respectively ranked first and ninth in the top ten terms of 2010. The other search terms included eBay, you, google, yahoo and news.

The top three search terms have remained the same for the past three years with Facebook remaining the top dog since 2008.

Of interest is the fact that the top terms in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland refer to the countries themselves, which may show that they are fierce nationalists.

Other interesting facts that you can find here include rising searches where "fb" and "facebook español" are the fastest rising searches with search volume in 2010 nine times that of 2009.

Google says that Insights for Search aims to provide insights into broad search patterns and that several approximations are used to compute these results.

2010 has been a very good year for Facebook as the social network ended the year with around 600 million users, surpassed Yahoo as the third biggest global online property, is the most searched term (according to Hitwise) and was ahead of Google on Christmas day in the UK.