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Intel SSD 310 Series Mark Return Of Robson Technology

The newly introduced Intel 310 SSD family may announce the return of Robson, Intel's so-called Turbo Memory, which was introduced back in October 2005 but never really caught up.

Like Robson, the Intel 310 SSD connects directly to the motherboard via a mini PCIe connector although it is electrically SATA.

It also shares its physical size but has up to 20 times the capacity. Robson was available in 2GB and 4GB sizes while the Intel 310 SSD is available in 40GB and 80GB versions.

As in the case of Robson, Intel is pushing for the 310 solid state drive to be used in tandem with a bigger magnetic, spinning hard disk drive.

However, just like Apple's Macbook Air SSD sticks - which are manufactured by Toshiba, the SSD 310 may be used exclusively as the primary storage device, eliminating the need for a hard disk drive altogether.

Intel already has plans to launch a 300GB 1.8-inch (and a 600GB 2.5-inch) solid state disk next year using a 25nm manufacturing process.

It's worth noting that Seagate has a hybrid drive called the Momentus XT which packs a traditional hard disk drive with a 4GB SLC NAND chip.