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Sony Wants To Prevent US Imports Of LG Phones

Sony has filed with a patent infringement lawsuit against rival mobile phone maker LG Electronics with the US Federal Trade Commission, seeking to prevent LG from shipping handsets to the United States.

According to Bloomberg, Sony has cited seven patents on which LG allegedly infringes on in the lawsuit.

The US FTC has the power to ban companies from shipping products into the countries and tech giants like Google, Nokia, Motorola and Apple are looking to snuff out competition by filing complaints with the trade watchdog.

One of the patents cited by Sony in the lawsuit is related to the manner in which mobile phones associate a photo with a contact. Some of the infringing devices cited by Sony in the lawsuit are the LG Fathom, LG Xenon and the LG VL600 modem.

The lawsuit also notes that Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have licensed the patents referred to in the lawsuit. Interestingly, Sony doesn't manufacture mobile phones but its JV with Ericsson, Sony Ericsson Does.