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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace DRM Cracked?

A developer has created a proof-of-concept program that allows Windows Phone 7 users to install paid applications on its MarketPlace app store for free.

According to WPCentral, the flaw in Microsoft's DRM tool that protects the applications on its fledgling app store has long been known to developers.

Tired of contacting Microsoft for getting the problem fixed, a developer came out with a working prototype of the MarketPlace piracy tool called FreeMarketPlace.

Every app on the MarketPlace is protected by Digital Rights Management tools deployed by Microsoft to prevent illegal copying but the software tool released by the developer cracks the DRM protection on the apps and allows users to install paid apps for free.

The piracy tool and the documentation that details how to crack the DRM on MarketPlace is not publicly available though which means that Microsoft can still plug the hole before long.

Meanwhile, the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace has grown to 5,000 apps since its launch in October.

The app store seems to be growing at a faster rate than Google's Android Market, but Microsoft's platform still has a long way to go before it comes at par with Google in terms of market share.