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Google Sports New Doodle To Celebrate New year

Google has decided to celebrate the last day of the year by dedicating a doodle to it on the homepage of its search engine.

The doodle contains the number 2011 in Roman form 'MMXL' with the letters 'G' and 'E' at the beginning and the end respectively.

The back drop to the new doodle is filled with with fireworks that mark the end of the year, celebrated world over as the New Year's Eve.

However, this time, unlike the doodle which was posted to celebrate Christmas Day, the New Year's Eve doodle was not interactive.

Clicking on the doodle simply takes users to a Google search page which contains information about the last day of the year.

Google is know the world over for its doodles, which it uses to mark important events like national days, independence days of particular countries, festivals, birthdays of known personalities and important events that had changed the way we live today.