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Liverpool Households To Get 200Mbps Powerline Broadband

Scottish Power and Plus Dane Homes are teaming up to deliver 200Mbps broadband services based Powerline Communications, otherwise known as PLC, across 1,000 homes in Liverpool.

The big advantage of PLC is that it uses existing national grid power cables with electricity and internet being transmitted at different wavelengths; it is the first time in nearly five years that the technology is being talked about as a potential competitor to fibre-optic and copper broadband.

Previous attempts have been dogged by interference issues as well as lack of commitment and financial resources from bigger players like BT or Virgin Media.

It did however attract significant interest as a substitute to cable and wireless home networking with a pair of 200Mbps Pass-through powerline adapters available for as little as £45.

The roll out of PLC broadband will be done alongside that of new smart meters and power sockets for electrical vehicles in the Toxteth area as reported by the Liverpool Daily post.

By 2020, 24 million homes across the UK will be required by law to be equipped with a smartmeter which explains why even companies like Google have been looking at Energy monitoring.