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Apple Should Acquire Netflix Says Analyst

Instead of competing with Netflix in the online movie rentals market, Apple should simply acquire the company and be done with it, an analyst has suggested.

ComputerWorld writes that Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher & Co. said in a note to clients that Apple will do good to acquire Netflix instead of competing with the movie rental giant.

He suggested that considering the sheer size of Netflix's movie rental service should compel Apple to acquire it instead of trying to compete with it.

Marshall estimated that while Apple rented 475,000 TV shows and movies every day, Netflix users rented 5.1 million DVDs and media streams on a daily basis.

"What I'd like to see is Apple buying Netflix. Netflix has approximately 150,000 titles, while Apple has just 15,000. Apple has a tremendous opportunity [if it bought Netflix],” he said in the note.

He also estimated that if Apple grew its iTunes rental service to the scale at which Netflix was right now, the service would be generating $1 billion in revenue for Apple by 2015.