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Google Android Market Reaches 200,000 Apps

Google's Android Market app store has now crossed the 200,000 apps barrier, closing in on arch rival Apple's iTunes App Store, reports have confirmed.

According to the latest app store statistics released by AndroLib, Google's App Marketplace now has more than 200,000 apps, with more being added everyday with the majority being free.

Android Market has shown some impressive growth figures in the past and continues to grow at an increasingly fast pace, threatening to outnumber the massive app repository that Apple has built for its users.

The figures released by AndroLib have been recorded after analysing the number of apps that are downloaded on the platform on a daily basis and those added to it.

Apple's App Store reached 300,000 apps in October 2010 while Android Market grew 10 times between December 2009 and December 2010.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace has also crossed the 5,000 app barrier, showing a higher growth rate than the Android Market.