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HP Looking For Actors To Play In Video

Hewlett Packard is in the process of recruiting actors to star in a web video for its upcoming Broadway, Manta and Topaz devices based on Palm's technology.

According to PreCentral, the company is looking for actors that could star in web videos that the company will launch to promote its upcoming devices.

The move confirmed that the launch of the mobile devices is imminent and that the codenames for HP Palm devices that were leaked earlier were real.

The ad posted on website DirectCast informs that the company is on the hunt for "Young Fun People" and "Hip and Sophisticated" looking people to star in the web videos.

The ad states that "Corporate" looking people will not be entertained and those applying should have "Good hands".

The web videos will be created to promote upcoming HP Palm devices Broadway, which is a smartphone, Manta, another smartphone and Topaz, which will be a tablet device.