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Russia Wants To Follow Open Source Path

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has signed off on a new five year plan to switch from proprietary operating systems like Windows to free software like Linux.

The move will see all government computer systems transitioning from Windows to Linux based operating system platforms that are available for free; the Russian government proposes to start the switch from the second quarter of 2012 until 2015.

Computer systems in all government organisations and others which are funded directly by the government will be included in the process.

According to, the move will affect Microsoft dearly even if a large portion of Windows copies running on Russian computers are pirated.

The government claims that the move will not only save money, but will also it to channel money to Russian software vendors and makers instead of foreign software companies.

Ironically, most popular open source companies like Ubuntu are based outside Russia and talks about a proposed move to "Open Source Unix-like operating systems" in the country were first echoed back in July 2002.