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Apple Now Valued At Over $300 Billion

Apple has now surpassed the $300 billion mark in market value after its stock rose by 2 per cent on the first day of trading in the new year.

The company is now the second most valued public company in the world after petroleum giant Exxon Mobil, Tech Crunch reports.

Exxon Mobil is now valued at $375 billion, having added about $100 billion to its value over the last six months.

The figures show Apple top be the most valuable tech company in the world, worth $60 billion more than rival Microsoft, which was valued at $40 billion more than Apple at the beginning of 2010.

With the rumours of the iPad 2 and the imminent launch of the Verizon iPhone, Apple could become the most valued company by the end of 2011, although it would have to see its stock value rise from $330-a-share to $500-a-share.