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BT Service Could Create 'Two Tiered' Internet

A newly launched BT broadband service could create a 'two tiered' network, its critics have warned.

The company is currently offering a new broadband service, designed to allow users to watch online videos in higher quality than other content, The Telegraph reports.

BT says that ISPs will be able to extract a fee from video content providers for offering their content to end users on a priority basis. End users will not only be able to watch videos in higher quality but will also be able to watch them without any interruptions even at peak hours.

But critics believe that smaller content providers will suffer as they won't be able to afford the price for prioritising their service, the Financial Times reports.

In response, BT has denied the allegations and has insisted that its plans will not create a two tiered network.

The move comes as ISPs struggle to manage increasing pressure on their networks as users continue to stream and download a massive amount of videos from platforms like Google's YouTube.