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Chinese trader ordered to remove iPad 2 cases

Flogger of cheap Chinese tat Alibaba has been ordered by an unnamed entity to stop advertising silicon cases for the iPad2.

The self-styled global trading site which brokers the sale everything from knock-off gadgets to wedding dresses in bulk has, according to AFP, been told to remove listings for the rubber sleeve which features a cut-out for a front-facing camera as well as an opening for the much predicted beefed-up speaker expected to appear on the next iteration of Apple's game-changing gadget.

A short time ago there were as many as seven listings for iPad2 cases according to reports, but Twitter posts about the products have led to a 'legitimate take-down request' with which Alibaba says it is complying.

A company called Luxeto seems to have fallen through the net, however, and is still listed on the site, possibly because the term 'iPad 2' does not appear in the main listing. The model number 'SC-Ipad2-A' and the presence of the aforementioned cut-outs kind of gives the game away though.

Apple is remaining predictably tight-lipped about the prospect of a second-generation iPad although most pundits are predicting a launch in the first few months of 2011.

The iPad 2 is expected to feature front and rear-facing cameras, better sound, a slimmer bezel and a lighter chassis, possibly formed from carbon fibre.