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Intel Gears Up To Launch Sandy Bridges At CES

Intel is finally ready to launch a new family of processors, codenamed Sandy Bridges, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The company, which is to showcase the processors along with the devices that will be equipped with them, said that it was already "tracking 500 design wins", which will include laptops and netbooks, Computer World informs.

The new range of processors will be the second family of chips from Intel to come with the "Core tag". Computer World informs that four Sandy Bridges chips will be badged under the Core i3 label, 12 will be Core i5 chips while another 12 will be Core i7 chips.

Intel claims that the processors will be faster and more power efficient than existing ones and will also feature a better graphical processor. Analysts inform that the demand for the processors is so high among manufacturers that enterprises will be forced to increase their IT spending.