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Intel crosses Sandy Bridge

Chip maker Intel has officially detailed its new line of processors - code-named Sandy Bridge - some 29 of which officially launch tomorrow at the CES extravaganza in Las Vegas.

The chips are based on a 32nm process and aim to integrate GPU functionality on the die, as well as a memory controller. Intel is pushing the video capabilities of the chips while rival AMD lines up its first Fusion offerings which are capable of full DX11 gaming.

The first notebooks sporting Sandy Bridge chips have already shown off by the likes of Acer and Asus and Intel reckons over 500 systems based on the new-fangled chippery will be on show this week.

The smaller chipos are supposedly more energy efficient. A tweaked features isTurbo Boost 2.0, allegedly designed to boost a core when needed, without letting it blow up.

Intel has also teamed up with film studios to implement some sort of digital rights management (DRM) on the chips, which is a good enough reason not to buy them.

The first quad-core Sandy Bridges, all of which will join Intel's Core Blimey family, are expected to be on sale within weeks.