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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Tops 20 Million Downloads

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 beta has been downloaded more than 20 million times in the past three and a half months, the company has revealed.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that IE9 is now being used by 0.46 per cent of Internet users worldwide.

Roger Capriotti, the director of product marketing for Internet Explorer, wrote: “In the three months since the beta launch, we have also released two platform previews and became the leading browser in JavaScript performance as measured by WebKit SunSpider.”

The company also announced that over the past year around 40 per cent of users have moved away from IE6 and IE7 but that IE9 saw an increase from from 24.15 per cent to 34.07 per cent. Microsoft said that IE6 now accounts for 13.81 per cent of Internet users worldwide.

IE is down overall in the web browser market, having dropped from 66.92 per cent in 2009 to 57.08 per cent in December 2010.