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Micron courts netbooks with first 25nm SSDs

Memory maker Micron has announced what is says is the first range of first solid state drives to use 25nm NAND technology.

With the world and its web site watching the goings-on at CES, the Idaho-based outfit chose the Storage Visions show, which is also taking place in Vegas this week, to announce the new flash-based drives aimed firmly at the notebook market.

Ranging from 64GB up to 512GB capacities, samples of the Real SSD C400 drives are currently doing the rounds of notebook manufacturers in order to get the proper certification, and should start appearing in a portable PC somewhere near you in the first couple of weeks of February.

Memory flogger Crucial, which is part of the Micron Group, will also be selling the 1.8 and 2.5-inch drives direct to the public under the Crucial M4 SSD moniker.

The full product line supports the latest 6Gb per second SATA interface and can manage read speeds of up to 415 MB per second and write speeds of up to 260 MB per second.

Micron reckons the new range is between 17 and 20 per cent faster than its previous C300 offerings.