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Microsoft to debut Windows for tellies at CES

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows for tellies at CES this week, in order to compete with rivals Google and Apple.

According to the software giant's local paper, the Seattle Times Microsoft will be unveiling a stripped-down version of Windows aimed at set-top boxes and connected TVs at the gadget extravaganza.

A version of Microsoft's embedded Windows OS is expected to be jazzed up with a version of its Media Center media kit and bunged into a set-top box.

The software giant has reportedly been sniffing around TV networks and meedja companies in an effort to keep up with uppity rivals Apple and Google, both of which have plans to conquer your living room.

According to the report, a Windows-powered set-top box will retail for under $200 and will be available to customers later this year. More information is expected to be revealed during Steve Ballmer's keynote in Las Vegas.

Google dropped its own Google TV set-top boxes from the show as the software didn't work too well.