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Microsoft Windows 7 On 20 Per Cent Of All PCs

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is now installed on 20 per cent of personal computers worldwide, new stats released by Net Applications reveal.

As of December 2010, Windows 7, the more popular and successful successor of the Windows Vista operating system, had a market share of 20.9 per cent, noting a 1.2 per cent jump over the previous month.

Windows Vista, on the other hand, fell to 12.1 per cent in December 2010 from is high of 18.8 per cent in October 2009. Windows XP also fell, declining by 1.2 per cent in December 2010 to finish the year on 56.7 per cent.

Overall, Windows accounted for 90.3 per cent of the OS market by the end of 2010, registering a fall of 2 per cent over the course of the year.

Microsoft is currently working to convince enterprise users to switch to Windows 7 from Windows XP, with Computer World reporting a recent survey had found that 1 in every 17 firms had moved to Windows 7.