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MobileMe outage sparks Saudi ban rumours

Apple's cloud-based synchronisation and storage service MobileMe has been blocked in Saudi Arabia, according to several reports.

The outage, which was first reported by Saudi Apple fan site Apple WD (which is now itself unavailable) is rumoured to be another attempt by the Arab state to block access to Internet services which are too secure for the Government's liking and cannot be snooped on by state-sponsored spooks.

BlackBerry maker RIM has been fighting a running battle over its secure e-mail and messaging services for months now and many commentators are suggesting that the Saudi authorities are similarly miffed with Apple's impenetrable encryption.

Although no official statement has been made on the matter, previous attempts to block the secure transfer of digital data have, of course been blamed on the 21st century's catch-all cobblers, terrorism.

The redirected page offers the opportunity to report that the page has been erroneously 'blocked' so we'll take a punt and say this one shouldn't be chalked up to a server error.

MobileMe is Apple's £59-a-year suite of on-line services which allows Macs and iOS4 devices to share data and settings as well as storing documents, photos, videos and allowing the simple creation and hosting of web sites.

If you're a MobileMe user living in Saudi please keep us posted in the comments below.