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New LG Technology Allows Smartphones To Control Home Appliances

Consumer electronics giant LG is preparing to showcase a new technology that would allow smartphones and tablet devices to control and communicate with home appliances.

The company said that its Thinq technology will be showcased at the upcoming CES trade show this week, along with a variety of compatible appliances .

Echoing what to expect from smartphones and home appliances of the future, LG said that the technology will allow users to remotely control and manage home appliances like ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Users will also be able to manage the efficiency of their Thinq devices, which can be 'asked' to send regular reports on their energy consumption and cost.

Young-ha Lee, the president and CEO of LG's home appliance division, said in a statement that "For LG, ‘smart’ means offering the ultimate benefits of empowerment and convenience to our consumers. With our innovative THINQ(TM) Technology, consumers will be more empowered when doing household tasks thanks to more efficient, controllable, and eco-friendly appliance options."