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News@10: Apple iPhone Alarm Error, Overusing Facebook May Cause Withdrawal Symptoms & HP

A software glitch on Apple’s iPhone device made thousands of people late for meetings or appointments over the weekend as it cancelled alarms.

A new study has revealed that many social networking users are so much dependent on technology that if they don't access their mobile devices or post status updates on Facebook, they develop symptoms found in drug addicts attempting to let go of their habit.

Hewlett Packard is in the process of recruiting actors to star in a web video for its upcoming Broadway, Manta and Topaz devices based on Palm's technology.

BT has revealed the names of the winning towns in its three-month long "Race to Infinity" contest which saw people casting 360,000 votes to help their areas get the internet service provider's superfast broadband connection.

Asus is partnering with PrimeSense, the makers of Kinect's motion sensing technology, to bring motion sensing 3D technology to computers.