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Samsung Announces Development Of World’s First DDR4 RAM Module

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed the world’s first DDR4 RAM module, capable of running at more than twice the speed of the current generation of DDR3 modules.

The South Korean-based company said that it would begin production of its DDR4 dynamic random access memory modules in 2012. However, it is uncertain when the DDR4 modules will be widely available, with the market seemingly content with DDR3.

Samsung say that their latest development is all part of their ‘green memory’ initiative. As well as being twice as fast as their predecessors, the new DDR4 RAM also uses less power. The current DDR3 modules use 1.5V of electrical current, whereas DDR4 will use 1.2V as standard.

In a press release, president of the Samsung memory division Dong Soo Jun stated: “The new DDR4 DRAM will build even greater confidence in our cutting-edge green memory, particularly when we introduce four-gigabit (Gb) DDR4-based products using next generation process technology for mainstream application.” (