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SCVNGR Raises $15 Million In Funding Drive

Mobile-based location game SCVNGR has managed to raise $15 million in funding, in a recent investment round with European venture capital firm Balderton Capital.

In the funding round Balderton Capital, Google Ventures and Highland Capital Partners all invested in the fledgling gaming app.

The game, which was launched in 2008, allows players to take part in tasks and challenges when they “check in” to specific locations with a smartphone.

"In the last decade, what we've seen has been building the social layer, a structure for connections and that framework is pretty much finished. It's called Facebook," Seth Priebatsch, the company’s founder said at a TEDX Event last year, The Guardian reports (opens in new tab).

"This next decade is all about the game layer, about influence. It's about using dynamic and forces to influence behaviour and it's going to be even more important than the social layer. It's really important that we think about it very consciously and openly, and in a way that can be leveraged for good."

SCVNGR currently has over half a million users, although according to a spokesperson, the company aims to have 1 million members by the end of January.