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Stolen Nintendo 3DS pics and video leaked

Several sets of pictures of what is reported to be a stolen assembly line model of Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS hand-held gaming console have appeared all over the Internet.

3DS Buzz has curated the collections and put them in one easy to browse page (opens in new tab)for your edification, although the new snaps reveal very little in the way revelations concerning the final production version of the dual-screen 3D gadget.

Apart from minor tweaks to the select, home and start buttons, which now appear to be part of the bottom touch screen digitiser rather than actual physical switches, it looks pretty much the same as the prototypes which have been doing the rounds for months.

There's also an uncharacteristically clear (for a leak) video which has led to calls of shenanigans from some quarters with the whole exercise being dismissed as as a marketing ploy initiated by Nintendo itself.

It certainly seems a bit fishy that three sets of very different pictures have been posted by three different web sites, and what is supposed to be a production unit isn't shown running any software or even an OS splash screen. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.