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Which? Report Discovers Video Games Depreciate Quicker Than Cars

A recent report by consumer champion Which? has revealed that video games lose value more quickly than cars after being sold.

According to the Consumer Association (opens in new tab), whilst a Ford Focus loses 60 per cent of a value in the first three years since being sold, a new copy of Red Dead Redemption can lose 70 per cent of its value in just three days.

The report also highlighted that despite the low trade in cost, an extensive mark-up in resale prices is sometimes added by retailers.

“It's not too difficult to see why so many high street retailers are happy to take second hand games off your hands,” Which? claims.

“When we checked the retail prices of used video games on the shelves of stores we visited, they were as much as five times as high as the price we were offered. Blockbuster, for example, was selling pre-owned copies of Red Dead Redemption £29.95 - a mark-up of £24 on the price they quoted us.”

The news comes at a time when many retailers are either already selling or are starting to sell pre-owned games, with HMV and Amazon both recently announcing online stores for selling used titles.