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Amazon Kindle app available for Windows Phone 7

Online retail giant Amazon’s eBook reading Kindle application is now downloadable for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS, along with any handsets running the platform.

Windows Phone 7 Kindle now has for the first time in any of the versions personalised book recommendations, along with the ability to send book suggestions from the phone’s library to any friends.

Bookscan be downloaded to any one of the platforms capable of running the app, where an eBooks can then be read from any of the applications - which also includes the hardware Kindle too.

There are over 500,000 eBooks available from the UK Amazon store, with the USA equivalent carrying 775,000 books available to stateside users of the Kindle application with the ability to read the first chapter for free.

The Windows Phone 7 app now joins the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad versions as a way of reading Amazon eBooks from a mobile device - where this is also the first time the Kindle app has ever been ported across to a Windows Mobile platform, as Windows Mobile was missed out.

Amazon unveiled at the tail end of 2010 the third generation of the Kindle device was the bestselling item of all time, surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. One Mobile Ring believes this figure can’t sustain, with the amount of mobile phones now supporting the Kindle software application there soon won’t be a need to carry around two devices anymore, a phone and a Kindle – when one will suffice.

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