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Amazon To Launch Kindle App For Android and Windows Tablets

Amazon is gearing up to launch a Kindle app for tablet devices running Google's Android operating system and Windows.

The company already offers a dedicated Kindle app for Android-based smartphones, that allows users to sync their phones with the PC Kindle app and the Kindle device itself, as well as giving access to the Kindle book store.

According to the company, dedicated apps for large screen Android and Windows tablets will soon be available for download.

The announcement comes a day before the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to begin. According to The Register, many companies are expected to debut new tablet devices, notably in the case of Microsoft who are expected to launch a Windows-based tablet.

This move follows Amazon releasing an iOS-based Kindle app designed specifically for Apple's iPad tablet device last year.

Dorothy Nicholls, Director, Amazon Kindle, said in a statement: “We’re very excited to support the upcoming Android and Windows LCD tablet computers with free Kindle apps that we’ll tailor for the particular devices.”