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Amazon Opens Appstore Developer Portal For Android

Amazon is inviting programmers to submit apps for sale through the soon-to-be launched Amazon Appstore for Android-based devices.

Accessible through, the Appstore Developer Portal allows mobile application developers to market and sell their apps on Amazon.

The Appstore will only accept apps for devices running Android 1.6 or higher at launch and will also only initially be available to customers in the US.

Developers selling their products through the store can expect to receive either 70 per cent of the sale price, or 20 per cent of the list price, whichever is the greatest.

According to Amazon’s FAQs, developers will also have to pay a $99 per year fee to use the Developer Portal, but the company is waiving the fee for the first year.

Amazon has long been rumoured to be planning such a launch, and the company already offers a variety of its own applications, such as the Amazon Shopping app, Amazon Price Check and a number of Kindle apps.

“An Appstore is a logical next step for Amazon in mobile," the company said.