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ASA Bans Misleading Groupon Ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned three Groupon adverts after they were found to be misleading.

The advertising watchdog ruled that the three adverts either misled users or exaggerated how much they could save from the offers.

One advert stated that users could save up to 60 per cent on the cost of a South American banquet, dropping the price from £24.50 to £9.80. But the ASA ruled it to be misleading as it failed to mention that one person still had to pay full price for the deal to be valid.

The second advert claimed to offer a discount on a Segway Safari experience, but did so without advising users that the deal was only valid on weekends.

In the third advert, the ASA upheld a complaint accusing Groupon of exaggerating the potential 65 per cent saving on a meal for two.

Groupon had claimed that the £83.50 meal could be available to users for just £29, but a complaint challenged that even if two people were to choose the most expensive things on the menu, the cost still would not add up to £83.50.

In response, the company insisted it had no commercial interest in misleading customers and that due to the large number of deals it advertises on its site each day, it is likely that some form of human error will occur.

Groupon added that the errors will be addressed through extensive staff training and the incorporation of quality control safeguards.