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BlackBerry PlayBook multimedia capabilities caught on video

Mobile phone manufacturer Research In Motion has produced a video, with the emphasis on the multimedia features of their soon-to-be released BlackBerry Tablet device.

RIM last publically aired a video showing the web browsing abilities, up against the Apple iPad - where the BlackBerry PlayBook came off much better, with this new video highlighting exactly how useful the device will be as a multimedia product.

The footage shows the smoothness of the video playback on HTML5 based media, along with flash video from the main YouTube site and not via an app - along with the smooth scrolling and multi-touch features of the device.

BlackBerry are keen to highlight the PlayBook can access all the main website's thoroughly, and not just from a cut down version of that site within a mobile application.

It is no coincidence the video has come out in the week of Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics show, where many of this year's latest gadgets will be unveiled.

The timing for the video is crucial, as many might forget about the BlackBerry PlayBook with the wealth of gadgets being launched this week. RIM is just reminding people the delayed PlayBook should also be a consideration as a desirable item of tech.

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