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Cheap iPad Offers Suffer Sluggish Sales

Cheap Apple iPads offered by wireless carriers to cash-in on the Christmas season have been plagued by poor sales figures.

UK wireless carrier Orange has been offering the Apple tablet at a subsidised rate of £199, although it seems customers have not been keen to sign up for the 24 month contract that comes as part of the deal. This would require users to pay £25 every month on top of any phone and broadband bills.

A report on PaidContent says that the company had expected to sell tens of thousands of iPads during the holiday season, but ended up selling a mere 1,000 according to industry insiders.

Orange claims that sales have since grown, although they have not yet denied the low numbers quoted.

“As expected, our iPad sales have grown significantly week-on-week in the run up to Christmas as awareness that we were ranging the product increased, and it remains one of the key devices in our portfolio for the seasonal period,” an Orange spokesperson said in a statement.

Other wireless carriers such as Three and T-Mobile have also had similarly disappointing sales figures.