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Homefront Offers Emotional Take On Video Game Killing

A new first person shooter (FPS) title is to dedicate a focus to the mental and emotional costs of violence, rather than condoning mindless massacre.

Homefront, which is being developed by THQ and Kaos Studios, aims to achieve this by preventing players from desensitising themselves to their virtual blood-shed and promises to show the “human cost of war”.

The game creates a realistic world, in which the player takes on the role of a resistance member in a war-torn USA, which has been invaded by a united Korea. The developers are keen to really emphasise the emotional consequences of violence, normally forgone in other game titles, like Gran Theft Auto series, Doom and Unreal Tournament, which actively encourage wanton annihilation.

“It takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions. I've never really felt at all emotional during a single-player campaign in other shooters. I do in this one,” Jeremy Grenier of Kaos Studio said in an interview with CVG (opens in new tab).

“It's touching on real human feeling. You see the human cost of war, you see the moments showing why we fight.”

Whilst focusing on the realistic horrors of war and people’s motivations for fighting are nothing new for games - after all just look at Call of Duty World at War and the Halo series, which deal extensively with such subjects - not many titles go out of their way to make gamers pause and reflect on the actions of their in-game massacres.

Homefront is due to launch on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 from 8 March.