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HP Expected To Launch Tablet At WebOS Event In February

Hewlett-Packard is to host a webOS event on 9 February, in which it is expected to unveil tablets and smartphones based on Palm's technology.

The company failed to detail the nature of the special event but the invitation urges invitees to “Think big. Think small. Think beyond” and encourages the recipient to come for an "exciting WebOS announcement".

It has been rumoured that HP will unveil a tablet device, hinted to be the PalmPad, at the event, as well as revamped Palm smartphones running on webOS 2.0.

Recent rumours had suggested that the company would unveil a tablet device at CES in Las Vegas, although according to Cnet, the fact that invitations were sent out only two days before the show indicates that it is more likely that a new HP tablet will arrive at the 9 February event.

It is also noteworthy that even though the even though the event is about webOS, Palm's brand name seems to be absent from the invite.